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United we SPIN
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We three audio amigos love to spin albums, so we created an apparel, furniture and accessories brand to give the voice of our culture way more volume. With products that integrate quality, function and social impact, sourced responsibly while supporting local music initiatives.


My dad’s album collection inspired me to buy a record player and design my first stand: I call it the Chameleon. While riffling through dusty bins for obscure albums, I met like-minded sound enthusiasts obsessed with analogue. We audiophiles share a passion for personalizing space and curating gear to create a totally immersive experience in our tricked-out listening rooms. Our culture lives for the groove. And two people I met, Todd and Etsuko, personify this vinyl vibe.

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I’m an avid rocker. In college I studied Fine Art, Illustration and Design, largely inspired by the visual intensity of Rolling Stone Magazine, and the creativity of album covers back when they were art forms that captured a band’s identity as well as our imagination through illustration and photography.

Illustration sketch of a profile shot of Todd


I was born in Japan to a family of environmentalists. Listening to albums was my window into western culture. Singing along helped me learn English. Records opened my eyes to a world of fashion, expression and musical genres like rap and pop. Vinyl shaped my love of all things retro.

Illustration sketch of a profile shot of Etsuko

And I’m Benji the hound of sound.

So whether you already have a listening room, or are working on creating a space to soak up the vibes, give our brand a spin.

Thank you for supporting the hifi cabinet company and each other.

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The hifi cabinet company community is all about unity for people and the planet. We curate sustainable products that are sourced organically and produced ethically, with uncompromised quality.

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