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Sound solutions

Our Commitment

The hifi cabinet company community is all about unity for people and the planet. We curate sustainable products that are sourced organically and produced ethically, with uncompromised quality.

Our vinyl record storage crates are proudly made in Canada using 100% high-density polyethylene (HDPE-2) recycled products. By utilizing recycled materials, we not only reduce waste but also contribute to the circular economy by giving new life to existing resources.

We're mindful of our packaging practices. For our local record buyers, our Noir Duke Black crate will be available at local record stores without additional packaging, promoting shop local initiatives. For online sales, our vinyl record storage crates are packaged in recycled corrugated cardboard, further reducing our reliance on virgin materials, and minimizing packaging waste.

GOTS Certified

GOTS-certified textiles are organic from the harvest of raw materials to environmentally- and socially-responsible processing, manufacturing, packaging, labelling and distribution.

Global organic textile standard logo


REPREVE transforms recycled plastic bottles into certifiable, traceable, high-performance yarn used to create moisture-wicking apparel ideal for loungers and eco-minded listeners. REPREVE’s sustainable solution is helping purge the planet of 35+ billion plastic bottles and counting.

Photo of two rolls of white yarn with a shredded plastic bottle beside it

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